Hard Luck for John Brown

We do so prefer good news.  We imagine that Mr. John Brown also would have preferred a better outcome in 1901, but it was not to be.  From the front page of the Skidmore Standard, July 26, 1901:

Hard Luck.

Mr. John Brown, who is in the employ of H. A. C. Hasty southeast of Graham, had quite a severe loss by fire last Monday afternoon.

He, in company with another hand, were keeping “bachelor’s hall,” in a small house on Mr. Hasty’s farm.  Monday morning they arose early and cooked their breakfast on a gasoline stove, after “putting their house in order,” they then went to Graham to attend to some business matters and did not return until late in the evening.  They did not go to the house but commenced to do their chores, thinking they would do their work and then get supper.

Mr. Brown happened to look toward the house and saw smoke issuing from the building.  He hurried to the house to see what was wrong but before he could get there it was all in flame.  The building was small and before anything could be done it was almost burned up, together with all their belongings.

Mr. Brown had $150 in money saved up to pay for a team which he had recently purchased and this, together with $25 belonging to the other gentleman, was burned.

The origin of the fire is not known.

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