Happy Birthday, Mary Settles Howard

From the September 27, 1906 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

A Pleasant Surprise.

Last Saturday, Sept. 22, a host of friends and relatives gathered at the home of Walker Howard, two and one half miles southeast of town, to celebrate Mrs. Howard’s sixtieth birthday.

While Mr. and Mrs. Howard were gone to Skidmore to meet their daughter, Mrs. Busby and husband, a crowd of 56 gathered with well filled baskets to celebrate this eventful day.  Not only did they bring their baskets well filled, but several useful as well as ornamental presents were received.

Those present were:  L. R. Rhodes and family, Mound City, Ed Minnerly and family, Earl Busby and family, Quitman, Geo. Minnerly and wife, Chicago, Wm. Renoud, New York, Mrs. Katron, Fairfax, Mrs. P. P. Shull and daughters Florence and Ruby, Mrs. Mary Twaddell, son Lloyd and daughter Carrie, Joseph Sullivan and wife, Lee Teson and family, Ed Dawson and family, D. B. Linville and family, C. C. Hendrix and wife, Mrs. Ravenaux, J. M. French and family, T. A. Hughes and family, J. T. VanAusdall and wife, Jno. Mast, Mrs. T. O. Parsons and Mrs. Martha Walker.

At an early hour they all departed for their homes, wishing Mrs. Howard many more pleasant birthday dinners.  Three snap shots were taken of the crowd.


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