Happy Birthday, Charley Owens

From page 9 of the October 17, 1912 Skidmore New Era:

His Birthday Surprise
Thursday being C. E. Owens’ forty-eighth birthday Mrs. Owens and daughter, Miss Jaunitia, planned a surprise for him in the way of a seven o’clock dinner. Invitations had been sent out to a few of the neighbors, but Charlie as was his custom, was on hands promptly at six and wondered why the evening meal was not prepared. Excuses of course were made, and as this was Mr. Owens’ birthday he took everything good naturedly and sat down to wait until it was ready. But when the clock ticked off the minutes – five, ten, fifteen – and supper apparently no nearer ready than when he came into the house, he went into the kitchen to make an investigation and there he found pies, cakes, chicken, salads, and all kinds of good things to eat stacked up on the kitchen table, and then he, as the boys say, “began to take a tumble to himself.” He hadn’t long to wait however until the guests began to arrive and soon they were invited into the dining room where a most sumptuous repast awaited them, such as only experienced hands, like Mrs. Owens and Miss Jaunitia could spread.

Charles E. Owens was born in Randolph county, Indiana, forty-eight years ago last Thursday. He came of good old Quaker parents, who emigrated from North Carolina to the Hoosier state before the war. Here they lived, reared their family of five boys and four girls, all of whom are living in and around the old homestead except Mr. Owens. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Owens, have both passed to the great beyond, the mother dying only two years ago at the ripe old age of eighty years. On her last anniversary she received more than 256 birthday cards from friends representing not less than half a score of states, thus attesting the great respect and esteem in which she was held by those who knew her best.

Mr. Owens came to Missouri in the spring of 1884, settling in Atchison county and hired out to Judge W. H. Wright, now of Fairfax, as a farm hand, receiving $20 per month which he thot mighty big pay. He was married in 1887 to Miss India Beverlin and to them were born four children, three of whom are living, John, Miss Jaunitia and Marion.

Mr. Owens made farming his occupation for the first few years of his career in Missouri, then he embarked in the mercantile life and in this business he has been engaged off and on ever since. Sixteen years ago he formed his first mercantile partnership with H. T. Barrett, and has been connected with him in business a great part of the time since, or until he sold his interest in the Barret, Owens & Co. store to the other members of the firm last June.

Mr. Owens now owns 310 acres of fine Nodaway county land, most of which adjoins the city limits of Skidmore, where he now resides in one of his town residences.

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