Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Uriah Gaddy

From the March 19, 1914 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 9:

Celebrated Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Uriah S. Gaddy of Hughes Township, Celebrates Golden Wedding Tuesday, March 10, 1914.

Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Gaddy.
Mr. and Mrs. Uriah S. Gaddy of Hughes Township, Missouri, 1914. From the Skidmore New Era, March 19, 1914, page 9.

Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Gaddy of Hughes township celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary Thursday, March 10, 1914, at their home between Skidmore and Graham.

About ninety guests, comprising their relatives and neighbors were present and all enjoyed a delightful day and a bounteous dinner, just such a repast as these good old fashioned “Hoosiers” and Missourians know how to fix up that never fail to tempt the appetite of the most fastidious connoisseurs.

Uriah S. Gaddy and his wife, Elizabeth I. Whitsett, were born in Jennings county, Indiana.  Mr. Gaddy first saw the light of day September 13, 1844, and Mrs. Gaddy was born December 25, 1844.

They were united in marriage March 10, 1864, in their native county, and to this happy union were born eight children, seven girls and one boy, all of whom are living except the eldest daughter.  The living children and grandchildren were all present at the golden wedding, twenty-four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. Gaddy left Indiana, September 20, 1877, and came through in wagons and landed in Holt county, Missouri, November 1st, 1877.  They moved to Nodaway county, Hughes, township, Hickory Grove school district, in 1883, where they have since made their home.

When Mr. Gaddy landed in Holt county his fortune consisted of a wife, five children, a wagon and team, what few household goods he could load in a wagon after making room for his family and $10 in cash.  He now owns as fine a little farm of 87 acres as anyone can boast in the county.  This shows what a man who has grit and determination can do in Nodaway county if he wants to.

Mr. and Mrs. Gaddy are held in high esteem by their neighbors as the large number of guests at the dinner would testify.  The day was spent in social conversation and music on the piano by several of the guests.  The pastor of the Baptist church of Graham gave a nice appropriate talk and a most enjoyable time was had by all.

They were the recipients of many valuable presents as follows:

Messrs. and Mesdames Chas. Mires, a berry spoon; C. C. Lawrance, set cups and saucers; A. A. Neuffer, water set; George Gaddy, set silver knives and forks; John Lowrance, $2 1/2 gold piece to each of them; Mrs. Sarah Acklin, set of spoons; Mrs. May Logan, picture; Mrs. Mollie Pope, fancy towel; Elwood Miller, cup and saucer; Jeff Colvin, gold salad spoon; Miles Cook, cup and saucer; Miss Chlome Lowrance, breast pin and watch chain.

Others made up a collection of $9.50.  Their names are as follows: Messrs. and Mesdames J. R. Bagby, C. E. Groves, A. H. Jones, A. C. Hutchinson, R. C. Shields, W. M. Moody, James Lowrance, C. T. Frost, W. T. Groves, D. B. Linville, T. H. Aclin, D. M. Groves, Rev. and Mrs. Winfrey, Miles cook, Carey Hester, Jeff Colvin and Walt McGinness.

At a late hour in the afternoon they all departed for their homes wishing the host and hostess many happy returns of their wedding anniversary.

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