Hallow-E’en Party

From the November 1, 1917 Skidmore News:

Hallow-E’en Party

Masked as witches, ghosts, clowns and in various other costumes some twenty or more of the girls in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades went to the home of Miss Eula Miller, Tuesday night and spent a joyous evening.

The guests were met at the door by a ghost and conducted to the basement that had been prepared for the occasion by the scattering of leaves and straw on the floor, and the placing of logs to be used for seats.  Jackolanterns furnished the lights and the place presented a most weird and spooky appearance.

The evening was spent in telling ghost stories and in playing games and in eating pumpkin pie and drinking cider.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion and the guests were loath to go when the hour of departure came.

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