Grocery Supremacy

We are, we must confess, a little disturbed by the idea of grocery supremacists, but Sewell Bros. & Montgomery clearly took pride in buying and selling the best.  If you want “Bread Satisfaction,” give a wide berth to trashy, inferior, “cheap” goods and seek out a grocer who has advanced by years of hard work and study.  From the February 9, 1900 Skidmore Standard, right on page one:

Ad for Sewell Brothers and Montgomery. Text follows.
Sewell Brothers and Montgomery advertise in the February 9, 1900 Skidmore Standard.

Ad reads, “Our Grocery Supremacy Was not attained in a day nor a week but by years of hard work and study. By always giving a wide berth trashy, inferior, “cheap” goods, We Always Give Our Patrons One Hundred Cents On The Dollar. And variety, quality, freshness, cleanliness, fair dealing, courtesy, and promptness are the points by which we hope to obtain and retain our patronage. We Want Your Trade. We Buy The Best – We Sell The Best. Flour. Do you buy your flour of us? If not you are losing lots of Bread Satisfaction. We sell the most satisfactory flour we ever handled; and the quantity we sell of it is ample evidence of its merits. Mound City Standard, Mound City No. 6. Dakota Garland. If you have trouble with your flour, try us. We guarantee satisfaction. Poultry Specials. We always stand at the head of the list on poultry and produce prices. Up until and including next Tuesday, February 13, we will pay the following prices – Turkey hens, fat per lb., 7c. Turkey gobblers, per lb., 5c. Hens, per lb., 6 1/2c. Young roosters, per lb., 5 1/2 c. Ducks (full feathered), per lb., 5c. Geese (full feathered), per lb., 4c. Roosters, per dozen, $1.20. Notice, sick or unmarketable poultry not wanted. A Word About Spices. Without doubt no line of groceries is so universally adulterated as spices; but there is at least one exception, Wm. S. Schotten’s are without a peer on the market. We carry a complete line of ground and whole goods in bulk and package. Brooms. With the heavy advances in broom corn it looks like the time for 50c brooms was in sight; but while present stock lasts we have some extra good ones from 25c to 35c. We handle Cote Bros. 4 year old vinegar, if you want a cider vinegar absolutely pure. Sewell Bros. & Montgomery.”

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