Groceries and a Good Lunch

We are glad to see the return of grocery delivery.  It was an option in Skidmore in 1901, as we see in this ad from the Skidmore Standard, October 25, 1901:

Gale's Cash Grocery and Short Order House.  Groceries, Confections, Lunch and Soup.  Goods delivered to any house in town from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Hot Days is a time for cool drinks, ice cream, lemonade, milk shakes, pop and all kinds of cool drinks can be found at L. A. Conrad & Co's. Restaurant.  We can also furnish you with a good lunch and all things that are to be found in a first class restaurant.  Call and see us.
Advertisements for Gale’s Cash Grocery and L. A. Conrad & Co.’s Restaurant, Skidmore, Missouri, 1901.

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