Good Things to Eat at R. B. Foster’s

Fancy lemons, Heinz spaghetti, and tinned salmon, oh my! Advertisement from the July 9, 1914 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Advertisement for R. B. Foster store in Skidmore, Missouri, 1914.  Text follows.
Skidmore New Era, July 9, 1914, p. 5.

Ad reads, “Good things to eat ready cooked at our grocery department. Cookies: We have a fresh supply of cookies and crackers for next week. Fresh Fruits: Fresh fruits such as fancy lemons, oranges, bananas, water melons, etc. Canned lunch goods: Veribest Baked Beans, 10 cents, 15 cents and 20 cents the can. Veal loaf, dried beef in glasses 15 cents and 20 cents, sardines, salmon, peanut butter, Heinz spaghetti. These are all in our refrigerator and will be delivered to you cold. The Kamo Brand: The Kamo Brand of peaches, pears, apricots, and other fruits is in the lead of them all. If you have not tried Kamo you have not had the best. Call us for prompt delivery. The Store of Quality. R. B. Foster, Skidmore, Missouri.”

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