Good Neighbors

Good neighbors are a blessing, as the Skidmore News from January 5, 1918 reminds us:

Friends Indeed
When trouble and misfortune come to their neighbors, people in this “neck of the woods” hasten to alleviate their sufferings and aid them every way they can.

Only this week, two families who have experienced trouble and sickness have found that their neighbors not only offer their sympathy, but turn out in force to help with work that could not well be done by them alone.

On Monday, men with wagons and teams and ladies with tilling hands, culinary skill and provisions went to the Sloper home, recently bereft of a son and brother, and the men gathered what corn there was left in the fields while the ladies prepared the noonday meal.  Those who prepared the dinner were:  mesdames Lydia Reese, James Murphy and Frank Murray and the corn husking bunch was made up of Robert, John, Fred, Floyd Barrett, Fred Knecht, Lee Murphy, Alfred Reese, Will and Fred Haynes, Walter Stoff, Harry Bammer, John and Dave Kuntzman, Frank Murray, and Lester Long.

The next day, Tuesday, a number of the neighbors (whose names are not at hand) of the O’Riley family gathered at their home and husked about 700 bushels of corn. While they did not gather all the crop, it is a great help to the boys who are, and have been for some time, laid up with measles.

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