Get his goat

Front page news from the May 4, 1905 Skidmore New Era:

That Frisky Goat

It is surprising what a frightened goat will do.  One showed some of the people, who were on the street Wednesday of last week, what could be done in a very short time.  This goat was the property of J. F. Kellogg, and was confined in a pen, with some other goats in a lot at the rear of the Kellogg residence property, where they were being relieved of their coats of Angora wool.  His goatship had just been shorn and when he was released proceeded to scale the fence, and after the fence was cleared took his departure at a lively gait toward the business part of town pursued by some men and boys who intended to capture the animal and return it to the lot.

As he neared the millinery establishment of Mrs. J. F. Patton, his pursuers began to close in on him but before they could catch him he bounded in at the open door and into the show window, in which Mrs. Patton had displayed some of her finest hats, which he proceeded to throw down and trample upon.  After he had finished with the hats he jumped to the floor again, and made his way to the rear of the room where he bounded upon a show case breaking the glass.  He then went out the door and up Elm street until he came to the Duval residence which he entered and passing through a room or two came out at the open window, after which he was captured and lodged in a place from which he could not escape.


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