Genuine Surprise

Twenty-five members of a pastor’s flock plus 36 quarts of fruit would probably surprise most pastors.  Today’s story comes to us from the November 13, 1919 Skidmore News, page 1:

A Genuine Surprise

The members of the M. E. church South decided to surprise their pastor and his wife by giving them a fruit shower.

So a jolly crowd gathered at Patterson & Bramble’s cafe, last Friday evening, Nov. 7th, and from there went to the parsonage.

Mrs. Stewart and children were at home, but Mr. Stewart had gone for the evening mail.  So one of the number called him by phone and told him he was wanted at once at home.  His surprise was genuine, when he walked in and found about 25 of his church members.

The evening was spent in guessing riddles and story telling, Cleve Owens and Rev. Stewart making for themselves quite a reputation along that line.

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart were the recipients of 36 quarts of fruit, which they surely appreciated.

Those present were:  Mrs. James Newton, Mrs. Worl, Mrs. Laura Sharp, Mrs. Louie Conrad, Mrs. Roe Lowrance, Mrs. T. O. Parsons, Mrs. Wm. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Owens, Mrs. Susan Bagby, Mrs. Wayman McGinness, Mrs. Walter Iddings, Mrs. C. H. Beverlin, Mrs. Mart Carden, Mrs. Charlie Karr, Mrs. L. Hedgpeth, Mrs. Robert Linville, Mrs. Dale Bagby, Mrs. James Weddle, Jr., Miss Theresa McMichael, Mrs. Will Bodle, Mrs. Bess Cottril, Mrs. Lester Linville and Wayman McGinness.

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