Garage at Wilcox Robbed, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), August 18, 1921:

Garage at Wilcox Robbed.

Sometime between midnight and 5 o’clock Tuesday morning the Wilcox Garage was broken into and nine casings were taken. The robbery was not discovered until 8 o’clock Tuesday morning when S. A. Huff opened the garage. The casings were valued at close to $200.

There are no clues to the theft other than finger prints found on the window that was pried open.

The garage was open until after 11 o’clock Monday night and people were there constantly until this time.
Sheriff Roach and deputy Atherton went to Wilcox Tuesday morning to investigate the robbery. The garage owner did not have the serial numbers of the casings but has sent to the factory for them. Sheriff Roach said that nothing would be done about the finger prints as the serial numbers of the casings would be enough to identify the man who stole them.

J. H. Thompson owner of the garage said that other than finding the numbers of the casings he had left the matter in the hands of the authorities.

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