Fruit by the gallon, 1921

Ad for a fruit sale at Barrett's market in Skidmore, Missouri in 1921. Text of ad follows.
Advertisement for Barrett’s Market, Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore News, August 4, 1921, page 8.

Advertisement reads, “Here is what you have been looking for. A sale of gallon fruit at bed rock prices, Friday and Saturday, Aug. 5th and 6th. The fruit situation is critical. Sharp advances have already been scored, and it is predicted that further advances are sure to be made. We offer only high quality goods in this sale, No soft or mushy fruit offered, all solid pack. Buy this fruit by the dozen and re-can it, its the cheapest way to obtain good fruit this year. These prices for Friday and Saturday Selling Only: Terms: Cash. Gallon peaches, per gallon, .60. Gallon apricots, .65. Gallon red raspberries, 1.00. Gallon loganberries, .95. Gallon blackberries, 1.10. Gallon cherries, 1.25. Remember this is high class merchandise — and these prices are good for two days only. Try our methods. Barrett’s, Skidmore, Missouri.”

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