Frivolous Frolickers Form, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), October 13, 1921, page 1:

Organized Club.
A meeting was held on Tuesday of this week at the home of Mrs. Rollo Howden, for the purpose of organizing a club to be known as the “Frivolous Frolickers Club.”

The club is for entertainment and social purposes, meeting on Tuesday of each week at the homes of the various members.

The charter members of the club are Mrs. Harry Worl, Mrs. Leslie Carpenter, Miss Grace Foster, Mrs. W. F. Barber, Mrs. Bob Wells, Miss Florence Foster, Mrs. Rollo Howden, Miss Margaret Norton, and Mrs. Everett Linville.

The following officers were elected: Mrs. W. F. Barber, president; Mrs. Rollo Howden, vice-president; Miss Florence Foster, secretary-treasurer.

After the organization was perfected, a social hour was spent, during which the hostess served dainty refreshments.
The club will meet next Tuesday with Miss Grace Foster.

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