Friends Surprise Mr. and Mrs. Ell Peter

From the July 19, 1923 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Surprise Party.

Fifty of more friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ell Peter from the M. E. Church surprised them Monday night by going out to their new home five miles northeast of Skidmore. They arrived at the home just a little after dark and a more enjoyable evening was never had. Mrs. Peter was presented with a beautiful rug.

J. O. Miller was the hero of the evening. He ventured out into the kitchen as if he was looking the new house over very closely, and captured two large pies, double handed, which Mrs. Peter had baked, and made prisoners of them. Mr. Miller felt pretty good over the capture for a while, but the next day he was under the care of the city physicians, but he is feeling pretty good again and says he will summon a private to go with him next time.

Among those in the party were: Mrs. Mark Loucks, Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. R. A. Walker, Aunt Jane Whitmer, Mrs. Welton, Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Goslee, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hester, Mrs. Laura Littler, Miss Vera Barber, Miss Evelyn Porter, Miss Minnie Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Owen, Wm. James and family, Alex Wells and family, Chas. McDaniel and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Spahr, J. Q. Miller and family, Mrs. Jim Parrish, Mrs. A. C. Barber, Miss Viola Barber, Mrs. Eula Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Riley, Mrs. G. I. Riley, Rev. J. J. Cokely and family.


The party wasn’t over, yet, as we see in this item from the July 26, 1923 Skidmore News, page 8:

Another Surprise

Mr. and Mrs. Ell Peter were surprised a second time when members of Mrs. Peter’s Sunday School class, and their husbands, drove out Wednesday evening, July 18.

Mrs. Peter was presented with a piece of silver, a gift from the class, and a shower of miscellaneous articles.

The visitors took refreshments of ice cream and cake.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Lansing Reese; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hamond; Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Hilbert and son; Mr. and Mrs. Oto Riley and son; Misses Dollie Rea Logan and Ruth Hammond of Maryville; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Thompson and son; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Worl and son; Misses Grace Foster, Nelle Jones, Minnie Cramer; Mrs. John Bilby and Miss Faye Snider of St. Joseph.

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