Friends gather corn for J. L. Teson

Not to be outdone by the ladies of the Skidmore M. E. Church, the members of the M. E. Church, South and other friends of Skidmore, Missouri, helped Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Teson on their farm in 1922.  This report is from the December 7, 1922 issue of the Skidmore News, page 1:

Friends Gather Corn for J. L. Teson.

About 375 Bushels Were Gathered, Ladies Took Dinner and Tacked a Comfort.

About 30 men and women, most of whom were members of the M. E. South church, went to the J. L. Teson farm Wednesday morning to assist Mr. and Mrs. Teson with their work.  Mr. Teson has been unable to do any work for several days on account of rheumatism and was behind with his corn gathering.

Seventeen men gathered about 375 bushels in the forenoon and were forced to quit on account of rain.  The women took a dish of eats and at noon spread dinner for all.  The women also tacked a comfort for Mrs. Teson while they were there.

Mr. Teson has something like 350 bushels yet to gather and those who were gathering yesterday are intending to finish the job when the weather permits.

Those who assisted are as follows:  Mr. and Mrs. Miles Cook; Mr. and Mrs. Martin Riley and Irene; Mr. and Mrs. James Reese and Charlotte; Mr. and Mrs. Hallie Merritt and Ralph; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Weddle, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Oto Riley and children; Mrs. Leta Bodle; Mrs. Kate Cottrell; Mrs. Dale Bagby; Mrs. Will Bird; Mrs. Lester Linville and Lois; Mrs. G. I. Riley; Mrs. Delia Bodle; Jim Gibbs; Guy McClain; Rook Bird; Harry Fullerton; Billy Newton; Roy Horn; Tom Williams; Claude Sewell; Ed King; Wm. Devers; Walt McGinness; Frank Bassett and Otto Cottrell.

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