Foot-Ball and Basket-Ball, 1908

For those who are missing our regularly scheduled sporting events, here’s some football and basketball news from the November 12, 1908 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Foot-Ball and Basket-Ball Saturday.
Foot-ball, Elmo vs. Skidmore; Basket-ball, Graham High School vs. Skidmore High School.
There will be a matched game of foot-ball, Elmo vs. Skidmore, Saturday, November 14, at one o’clock, p.m. Also a game of basket-ball, Graham vs. Skidmore, immediately afterwards.
The Skidmore line-up for foot-ball is:
Early – c.
G. Barrett – r e.
Dawson – l g.
Porter – q b.
Bird – l t.
P. Loucks – l h
Smock – l e.
M. Loucks – r h
Hitchcock – r g.
J. Barrett f b.
F. Barrett r t.

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