Flag Pole and Parade, 1917

Patriotic news from the October 25, 1917 Skidmore News, page 1:

Flag Pole Raised and Parade.

As Wednesday was Liberty Bond day the Skidmore school very appropriately observed it by putting up a flag pole, with flag, on the top of the school house.

Everything was gotten up on short notice, but it worked out nicely. Prof. E. R. Adams with the assistance of the rest of the teachers had the pupils to all bring a flag to school in teh afternoon and about half past three o’clock the entire school marched from the school house through the business part of town.

Each class carried a banner appropriate to the occasion. The banners as we got them were:

“Liberty Bond Day.”
“Why Not A Liberty Bond?”
“Do You Own A Liberty Bond?”
“Help the Boys In the Trenches.”
“Save the Flag by Purchasing a Liberty Bond.”
“Bring the Kaiser to His Knees by Paying Liberty Bond Fees.”
“I Own a Liberty Bond.”
“If you Like Your Uncle Sammy Buy a Liberty Bond.”
“We’ll Explode the German Bombs With Liberty Bonds.”
“Land the Kaiser On the Banks by Landing a Liberty Bond.”

The march through the streets by the school looked very pretty and it could only have been improved by a band.

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