Fishing Party, 1903

From the August 21, 1903 Skidmore Standard, we bring you a report of a good time had by all – even the fish.

A Fishing Party.

A jolly party, consisting of R. G. Medsker, Mr. and Mrs. Cornish and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Howden and son, started Wednesday evening to the Linville Lake fishing. They intended to row up the river but found the current too strong for such a load, so some of the party started to walk and run into weeds so high they turned back.

After wandering around for a while they decided that they had rather eat than fish so an inviting lunch was spread. After this they started down the river and from what they said must of had a nice time rowing in the dark. One of the party stood up in the front of the boat and kept from running into snags and drift wood until the bridge was reached.

No fish were caught, but we think no one was disappointed.

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