Fifteen Dollars a Mile

What a difference a decade makes.  A few years after the Skidmore Standard described D. Ward King’s innovative road grader and speculated that full-time road maintenance was unnecessary, the paper’s successor, The New Era, had the following report:

Governor Signs Road Bill.

Governor Major has signed the senate bill No. 49, which appropriates $15 per mile for dragging roads between county seats.

The money to be used on road dragging comes from the automobile license fund.

This new road law ought to have a good and wholesome effect on the betterment of roads, but we believe it would have been a fairer bill had the appropriation been made to the several townships in proportion to their automobile tax.  This would have reverted the money back more directly and equally to the people who created the fund and thereby more generally improved all roads.  Anyway we are glad to see the county seats get some of this money instead of it all going to state highways, state inspectors and other officials from whom the general public get but little returns.

Governor Major vetoed the Senator Carter bill No. 123, which distributed the good roads money equally between the several counties.

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