Field Roasting Ears, 1911

Some agriculture news from the August 8, 1911 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 9:

Field Roasting Ears.

We have been talking about the drouth, and dry weather for the last four weeks and indeed Missouri is up against one of the most severe drouths she has encountered for a decade, but there is no place in all the world the soil will stand as much dry weather and wet weather and then make as good a crop as right here in Northwest Missouri.

As a proof of this we were presented this week by R. G. Medsker with a fine mess of field roasting ears grown on the R. G. Medsker farm, west of Skidmore.  There is nothing we could compare them to, unless it would be more roasting ears, for they are in a class all by themselves.

Some of these ears were 10 inches long, which will give you an idea of the corn crop in drouth stricken Northwest Missouri.  Thanks to Mr. Medsker for this great treat, when garden sass has been scarce as it has been all summer.


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