Fashion and Great Convenience

Ladies, we know how fashionable and downright convenient it is for us to have our very own bank accounts, don’t we?  Aren’t we grateful to the fine gentlemen of the Farmers Bank of Skidmore for explaining it to us?  The gentlemen do have a point, as you can see in their advertisement from the Skidmore New Era, April 24, 1913:

Ad for the Farmers Bank. Text of ad follows.
From the Skidmore New Era, April 24, 1913.

Ad reads, “It’s the fashion now-a-days for every woman to have a bank account. It’s a great convenience. Banking your money regularly not only means that you get interest at the end of the year on each dollar you deposit; but it also means that you are prepared for sickness or calamity; that you can buy a home; that you can educate your children; that you can have a business of your own – it means independence. Farm Loans at Low Rates. The Farmers Bank. Robert Montgomery, Pres. H. W. Montgomery, Cashier. W. H. Hoblitzell, Ass’t Cash. Make This Bank Your Banking Home.”

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