Farmers Union Mercantile Co, 1921

Ad for the Farmers Union Mercantile Company store of Skidmore, Missouri in 1921. Text of ad follows.
Ad for the Farmers Union Mercantile Company of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore News, September 1, 1921, page 4.

Advertisement reads, “To the Public. We wish to say a word about what the meaning of Farmers Union is. It is to help the producer and consumer to get together in a business way and not to take from one to enrich the other and until we find out we are so closely associated to each other and make our aims the same, we will never gain the good we long for. So let us take courage and work altogether and then when these hard times, as we term them, will quit coming, and in a community like ours, we are all producers in a way. So let us all work together and try to help each other. We try at all times to have a full line of feed and groceries and the condition of the markets have been this season, it has been very difficult to keep up and down with them, but we will see cheaper merchandise from now on, is our opinion. So when you can use anything we have we will be pleased to sell it to you. It will always pay you from now on to get our prices before you buy. Farmers Union Merc. Co. Skidmore, Missouri.”

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