Fancy Cows, Cow Fanciers

The Skidmore Standard reported the following on the front page of its June 22, 1900 edition:

Jersey Fanciers.

Mike Hilgert of St. Joseph, and Dr. Still of Kirksville, have formed a partnership and intend to collect the best herd of Jersey cattle in the world.  They recently went to Coopersburg, N. Y., and purchased the best animals T. S. Cooper possessed.  Mr. Cooper is well known as an importer of Jerseys.  During the past year he went direct to the Island of Jersey and spent some time selecting the best to be found.  Messrs. Hilgert and Still paid Mr. Cooper $1,600 for one, $1,000 for another, and bought several other cows and heifers at fancy figures.

Mr. Hilgert came up from St. Joseph last week with the intention of buying “Zaza of Menlo.”  “Zaza” is one of the best cows C. T. Graves has ever owned and Mr. Hilgert wants her for a show cow.  If he makes the purchase he will enter her and some others in the prize contenst. “Zaza” is a three year old.  She is a beauty and something of a record maker.  The first ten months she gave milk, it weighed in the ten months, 7,262 pounds.

Mr. Hilgert knows all about Jerseys and is making a tempting offer for the mother and sister of “Zaza.” – Maitland Herald.

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