Faith in Humanity

From the November 25, 1898 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Just before entering the pulpit, Sunday night to begin the preaching services, Rev. Robison took out his watch and laid it on a table.  After the congregation had been dismissed and he was preparing to leave the building he went to get his watch, but it was gone.  There was considerable intermingling and handshaking at the front during services and some “wolf in sheep’s clothing” may have pocketed the watch, but Rev. Robison clings to the belief that someone saw the watch and thinking it in danger of being knocked off the table, took care of it.  It is to be sincerely hoped that such is the case, and that the good brother will soon turn up with the missing timepiece.

LATER:  The watch was returned last night.  It was as Rev. Robison supposed.  Charlie Hammond picked up the watch to take care of it and forgot about it when he started home. The stormy weather which began that night kept him away from church until last night when he came and returned the watch.