Fairfax Fall Festivities, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), September 1, 1921, page 1:

Attended Festivities at Fairfax Friday.
Enjoyed Chautauqua and Exhibits — Basket Dinner Served in the Evening.

When about one hundred Fairfax folks attended our chautauqua, they were so well pleased with the treatment accorded them that they promised the citizens of Skidmore and community that if a delegation from here should attend the Fall Festivities, Fairfax would endeavor to return the compliment.

Accordingly, upon their return they began to make preparations to entertain those who were to attend from here. Last Friday was the day chosen, and about a hundred people from Skidmore and the surrounding community drove over and returned the call. It was a hot day, but everyone seemed to enjoy the trip.

The afternoon program was in progress when the Skidmore folks arrived. After a first class band concert, the Davies Light Opera Company presented a snappy program of music and readings. Following the afternoon session, a pleasant time was spent in visiting the various exhibits and playing the numerous games of chance which are a part of every fair or carnival.

The exhibits of farm products, livestock, canned goods, pastries, preserves, etc., were certainly good, and not all of them were Atchison county products either. O. T. Karr had several head of his Duroc-Jersey hogs on exhibition, and got away with a half dozen of the ribbons.

The most enjoyable part of the whole affair was the basket supper served on the public school grounds. The Fairfax folks who came to our chautauqua thought they were served an unusual supper by the local folks, but they certainly outdid us. Not only was the Skidmore delegation invited to partake of the meal, but those from Rock Port as well. And then there was more than could be eaten and one of the Fairfax ladies was heard to say that a great deal of the food was thrown away. There was an abundance of fried chicken, salads, sandwiches, pickles, cakes, pies, grapes, watermelons, muskmelons, and possibly several other articles of food that escaped the notice of the writer.

The evening program at the chautauqua tent promised to be at least equal to that of the afternoon, but the wind began to blow and it looked as if it would start raining almost every minute, so the crowd left soon after the program started.

All who went over agree that there is nothing wrong with Fairfax when it comes to entertaining (and feeding) her guests.

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