Exciting Car Fire, 1911

Oh, my! News from the May 4, 1911 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Exciting Little Fire on Street Saturday Night

Alex Wells’ Automobile Caught Fire While Filling Tank. About $200 Damage, Machine Insured for $400.

Saturday evening about 9 o’clock Alex Wells drove down in front of the Manchester & Dodds hardware store to fill his automobile tank with gasoline. Billie Donahue brought out a five gallon can of gasoline and in filling the tank the gas ran over the sides of the car radiator down on the lighted lamps and instantly the whole front of the automobile was in a solid blaze.

Water was throwed on the fire which only seemed to add to the blaze; when Quay Sewell brought from the Commercial hotel a patent fire extinguisher which soon subdued the flames. The engine was badly injured and the paint damaged on the whole car, probably entailing a loss of something like $200 in all.

Quite an excitement prevailed as there was great danger all the time of an explosion of the gasoline tank, probably setting fire to the building or injuring some of the spectators.

Owing to the good work done by the fire extinguisher, a number of merchants have suggested that every store and business house in the city should keep at least one of these fire extinguishers in their building in case of an accident. The state law compels all the hotels to keep at least one on each floor of the hotel.

One of the kind that is endorsed by the State Inspector is the Rev-O-Noc, costing $8, which might save many times that amount any day, especially in a town that has no city fire department.

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