Every Reason for Rejoicing and No Reason for Complaint

Listen, friends, to the words of the editor of the Nodaway Forum, as reprinted in the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) on June 6, 1907, page 1:

Nodaway Always On Top.

The editor of the Nodaway Forum gives a generous measure of good advice to the grumblers and knockers in Nodaway county in the following article:

There is too much grumbling in Nodaway county.  It is always too hot or too cold, too wet or it is too dry.  It either rains or it does not rain. There is no fruit, or there is too much fruit; there is no hay or hay is too cheap.  The chinch bugs ruin the wheat or it is so plentiful that the price is low.  When the corn crop is big it is too cheap and when corn is high nobody has corn to sell.

The real facts are that Nodaway county comes through on the right side of the ledger.  This county may lag a little in a late spring but when the last quarter is reached it always comes under the pole in good shape.  There is always plenty of grain and feed when it is to be had anywhere on earth and when the Nodaway county farmer suffers the other fellow is up against the real thing.

Millions may starve in China, hordes may hunger in India and Japan, Kansas and Dakota may have severe droughts, California may quake until the orange crop is shaken from the trees, but old Nodaway always revels in more than a plenty.  In spite of the fears of cold weather and dry weather and hot weather and wet weather, there is always a big bounty for every man, woman and child and for the beasts of the field.

The people of Nodaway county have every reason for rejoicing and no reason for complaint.  They have every reason to keep on the sunny side and no reason for following along the shadowed ways of existence.  Not only have the people of Nodaway county an abundance for all the needful wants of the body, but they have all the comforts of life that civilization affords.  They have telephones and daily mail, schools and churches, pianos and automobiles, watches and bicycles and other luxuries too numerous to mention.

Let’s look on the bright side for a time. If we look on the dark side we will always have something to grumble about. If you are smelling of the vinegar jug you will miss the sweeter scents of life.  You do not find apples in thorn bushes.


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