Entitled to go to Gettysburg

From the July 5, 1913 Skidmore New Era:

Entitled to go to Gettysburg

Skidmore has two soldiers and Graham one who were entitled to go as guests of their country to the big reunion and dedication now going on at Gettysburg.  The two Skidmore soldiers are N. S. and Phillip Shull, who are ex-Confederates.  N. S. or James Shull, as he is better known, was in Gen. J. E. B. Stuarts cavalry and took part in the great Gettysburg battle.  He wanted very much to visit the old battle grounds, but got his application in a little too late.  Phillip was in the infantry.  They both belonged to Virginia companies.

The Graham Gettysburg soldier is James Herron.  He was in the Union army and can tell some very interesting stories in the Gettysburg battle and also his long campaign in and around Richmond, where some of the hottest fights of the long and bloody war took place.

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