Entertained With Lawn Party

Springtime calls for an elegant lawn party, as we see in the Skidmore News from June 16, 1921, page 1:

Entertained With Lawn Party.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lehman entertained a number of friends with a lawn party on Wednesday evening, June 8, at their home on the P. C. Hays farm.

The house was decorated throughout with roses, sweet peas, nasturtiums and oak leaves.

The evening’s entertainment consisted of somerset and Miller Boy, Captain Jenks, and other outdoor games.

At a late hour Mrs. Lehman, assisted by Miss Sylvia Long, served delicious refreshments of sandwiches, pickles, fruit salad and cake.

The guests departed for their homes at about twelve-thirty o’clock, all declaring that they had enjoyed a very pleasant evening.

Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hitchcock and daughter Nina, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Palmer and son Harold, Mr. and Mrs. William Henderson and son Ray, Burman D. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Merl Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coston, Dale Coston, Bessie Coston, Myrtle Brown, Gladys Brown, Zona Hoyt, Sylvia Long, Lee Murphy, Ivan Argo, Merlin Argo, Alvin Long, Paul Lehman, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lehman and baby Glen Dora Maud.  On account of the rain in the evening, several living at a distance were unable to be present.

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