Enterprising Scheme

A little high water couldn’t keep Skidmore’s merchants from making a sale.  A telephone, a rowboat, and the lines of commerce were open again.  The June 2, 1903 Skidmore Standard said:

The high water for the last week has prevented farmers living west and south from coming to this city, so about the last of the week a number were out of necessary provisions.  Barret, Hitchcock & Montgomery hit on a scheme by which these provisions could be supplied.  Orders were taken by ‘phone and Charley Slaughter and his boat were drafted into service as a ferry.  Goods were landed on the other side each one taking his order.  Those who wished to look at goods before buying were, through the courtesy of the firm, carried across and on their return taken back.

It takes more than high water to balk the merchants of our city.

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