Election Results, April 1920

Election returns from Skidmore, Missouri, as published in the April 8, 1920 edition of the Skidmore News, page 1, of course:

City Election

A few of the citizens of Skidmore met last Saturday night at the E. D. French cream station and nominated the following Citizens Ticket: E. D. French, mayor; W. L. Charles, alderman of ward No. 1; Wayman McGinness, alderman of ward No. 2; A. F. Hitchcock, marshal.

On Monday an independent ticket was launched in the field, with the following candidates: W. G. Reynolds, mayor; W. L. Charles, alderman of ward No. 1; Wayman McGinness and W. L. Carpenter, ward No. 2; A. F. Hitchcock, marshal.

Also at the convention held Saturday night, the following school ticket was nominated: J. O. Miller and F. H. Barrett, for terms of 3 years, and Mark Loucks, for a term of 1 year, to fill the unexpired term of Wm. Howden.

On the day of election, B. O. Ford’s name was placed in the race for director, for term of 3 years. The vote for directors was as follows: J. O. Miller, 113; B. O. Ford, 67; F. H. Barrett, 57; Mark Loucks, 122.

The vote on the levys and for 9 months school term, carried by large majority, only 6 votes being cast against them.

Following is the vote cast at the city election:

For mayor: E. D. French, 70; W. G. Reynolds, 71.

For alderman ward No. 1: W. L. Charles, 72.

For alderman ward No. 2: Wayman McGinness, 39; W. L. Carpenter, 30.

For city marshal: A. F. Hitchcock, 142.

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