Eat Your Atlas

Ad for Atlas Oats, Kansas City Oat Meal & Cereal Co. "Don't let the children forget their Atlas in the morning. Atlas White Oats." Ad has a logo with mythical Atlas holding up the world.
Atlas Oats, as advertised in the Skidmore Standard, September 14, 1900.

More strength than 3 pounds of meat.  More economical than doctors or medicine.  Nature’s own food for all her children, as advertised in the September 14, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

“Don’t Let The Children Forget Their Atlas In The Morning.”
Atlas White Oats

Atlas Oats are sold in two pound packages only.
Atlas Oats are full of life giving strength, hence health.
Atlas Oats is far more economical than doctors and medicine.
Atlas Oats contains more nourishment than meat, flour or potatoes.
Atlas Oats is nature’s own food for all her children, grown amid pure air and sunshine.
Atlas Oats.  A two pound package contains more strength than 20 loaves of white bread or 3 pounds of meat.
Atlas Oats are kiln dried, not steamed; they have that sweet, nutty flavor so desirable.  Your grocer can get them for you; insist on getting Atlas Oats.

Atlas Oats Atlas of the World.  Foreign Maps, Population, History, Education, Politics, Laws, State Maps, Topography, Minerals, Railways, Agriculture, Live Stock.  Atlas Oats.
This fine Atlas, containing 91 colored maps, 77 pages of reading matter, given away for tickets in every package of Atlas Oats.  Just what you want to keep posted on current events.  Save the blue tickets.  Write to us for a list of other premiums.
Kansas City Oat Meal & Cereal Co., Kansas City, Mo.

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