Dyes for Easter and Spring Medicines for You

Helpful advertising for Walker’s Drug Store of Skidmore, Missouri from the Skidmore News, April 3, 1919, page 5:

Ad for dyes, sold at Walker's Drug Store. Text of ad follows.

Advertisement reads, “We have Dyes for Easter and Spring Medicines for you. Come in and get some of our ‘fast color’ dyes to change the color of and brighten up your faded ribbons and things, which are not worn enough to throw away. While you are dying these things the Children can have lots of fun coloring eggs for Easter. And while you are in our store, let us supply you with some spring medicines to clear out your clogged system and make you rid of that ‘tired feeling.’ Buy from us and KNOW it is right. Walker’s Drug Store, ‘The Nyal Store,’ Telephone no. 38.”

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