Doughnuts for Skidmore, 1922

We’re fans of doughnuts, famous or not. Here’s some delicious news from the May 4, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Ladies of Class No. 12, M. E. Sunday School to Hold Series of Monthly Sales.

In order to raise money to purchase seats, which will be placed about town for the benefit of the public, Class No. 12 of the M. E. Sunday School plans to hold a series of monthly sales. The first of these sales will be held at Barrett’s store, Saturday, May 13, when the ladies will have on sale doughnuts made by the same recipe used by the Salvation Army in making their famous doughnuts in France. Each of the sales that will follow will be different. The first one will be doughnuts, but what the others will be has not been announced.

The ladies say the doughnuts are going to be delicious, and they are going to use all of the money for a public improvement; so they will no doubt be liberally patronized. Those who cannot attend the sale may phone their orders to Mrs. Bruce Moody, and the doughnuts will be delivered to any part of town.

Just to prove that the recipe used is the one which made the Salvation Army doughnut famous in France, a member of the class brought to the News office a letter recently received from Lieut. Col. A. E. Kimball of the Salvation Army, which reads in part as follows:

“In acknowledgement and appreciation of your recent courtesy, addressed to The Salvation Army and referred to me for attention, it affords me pleasure in herewith enclosing as desired the recipe for the famous Salvation Army Doughnut, liked so well by the Boys in France.

“With best wishes for your success in the object you have in hand, and praying God to abundantly bless you, believe me,

“Yours truly,
“A. E. Kimball.”

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