Don’t Forget the Skidmore News — Letters Home: Roy Owens

From the November 7, 1918 Skidmore News, page 4:

Letter from Roy Owens.

The following letter was received by Mrs. Cleve Owens, from Roy Owens, who is now in France:

Framentine, France, Oct. 9, 1918
Dear Aunt:–
Received your most welcome letter today, was sure glad to hear from you. It has been sometime since I have heard a word from home. Was sure glad to get those clippings, but would rather get the whole paper.

How is Uncle Cleve and grandma getting along? Tell them I said hello.

Lots of rain and cold and the days are getting shorter all the time. How is the weather back in the States?

I received a letter from Harley H. Said that he was all o. k. Said that Marion Owens and he were having a good time. They are at Brest, that is not very far from here, a big sea port.

I will get a seven day leave soon and will go to Paris. Will write from there and send some souvenirs if possible. I never got any last fall, but will this time.

Why don’t you write longer letters? You have something to write about over there and over here all mail is censored and you can’t write much. Well I have not learned much French, but manage to get along in a pinch. The people over here are funny. They all wear big wooden shoes; look like the pictures on Dutch Cleanser cans. So you can imagein what they look like; of course they are not that way all over France. This out among the peasant class of people.

I wrote a letter to Ivan Totten. He is an old friend of mine, sure was glad to get his address. Do you know where Earl Swiggart is? If you do please let me know when you write again.

Has Marvin been drafted yet? If not tell him to write. I saw an article in the paper the other day that those in the naval aviation could receive packages.

How is Maud and Maggie? Tell them to write.

Well I guess things are not so good over in the states as they might be from the papers I read.

Say if you can send me some papers St. Joseph, Kansas City or something, but don’t forget the Skidmore News.

How is Uncle George? I would like to hear from him once in a while.

Well I have written you a long letter or this is the longest I have written for a long time, so don’t forget a big long letter with lots of news next time. Hoping this will reach you all o. k., I will close, as ever,

Roy Owens.
Sea 3 Class, U. S. N. Aviation,
Framentine Vandee, France, Foreign Service.

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