Does your watch run?

Does your watch keep time? If not, see Ellwood Barrett at the Model Drug Co. in Skidmore, Missouri in April 1911. From the April 20 edition of the Skidmore New Era:

Ad for Elwood Barrett's watch repair. Text of ad follows.
Skidmore New Era, April 20, 1911, p. 9.

Ad reads, “Notice, Everybody! Does your watch run? Does it keep time? It is a poor watch, if I can’t remedy these, and I will do it satisfactory! Does it need cleaning? Don’t neglect your watch. If it needs cleaning or any slight adjustment, it may save you considerable to have me attend to it! Prices right, always. Watches, clocks and all jewelry repairing. Ellwood Barrett, at the Model Drug Co. Opposite post-office. Opera Block.”

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