A Christmas wedding, reported in the January 2, 1908 Skidmore New Era on page 1:


Wednesday evening, December 25, at 7:15 o’clock, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Diggs, in the presence of a number of relatives and friends, was witnessed the ceremony which united in the bonds of holy matrimony their daughter, Laura Belle, and Mr. Everett R. Deitrich.

At the sound of music, played by Miss Mabel Ware, formerly of Skidmore, Rev. W. A. Parker, of the First Christian Church of Emporia, descended the parlor stairs followed by Mr. Roy Diggs accompanied by Miss Anna L. Proeger.  Then appeared the bride and groom, marching to the center of the room and assuming a proper position, waited the ceremony which was to unite the couple for life.

The groom was dressed in a suit of black broadcloth and the bride was clothed in a gown of white silk and held a bouquet of brides roses in her left hand.

After the ceremony was performed the bride and groom were introduced to their friends and Mr. as Mrs. Deitrich and congratulations were extended.

The bride and groom led the way to the dining room where an elegant feast was prepared, consisting of a three course supper.  The first course consisted of oysters and wafers; the second course, of meat and vegetables; the third course, of ice cream, cake, and fruit.  After supper the friends returned to the parlor where they were entertained with music and speaking until 11:30 when they adjourned for the night.

On Thursday evening, at the home of Mr. Deitrich’s sister, Mrs. John Husband, the infare took place consisting of a three course supper, after which the relatives and friends were entertained by speaking and visiting.

Mr. Deitrich is a young man of 26 years and highly respected by all who know him, possessing all the aims, ambitions and good habits that are requisites of true manhood.

Mrs. Deitrich is too well known in Skidmore to need any further remarks.

Many beautiful presents were received which are tokens of the feeling of respect that are always due a worthy couple.

On Friday evening the family were surprised by a number of neighbors who had collected a few cow bells, tin pans and other articles suited to the occasion and after a half hour of disturbance the bride and groom were roused from their peaceful slumber and welcomed their neighbors into the parlor where they were treated to cigars, candy and oranges.

The couple are at home to their many neighbors and friends on the W. L. Diggs farm, one mile south of Plymouth, Kansas, with the prospects of a happy life before them.


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