Digging Up Water Mains, 1922

Infrastructure news from the May 4, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Digging Up Water Mains.

The water mains are being dug up, and each joint examined, in order to stop the leaks that have been wasting the water as fast as it could be pumped. The water system has been complete for two months or more, but no water could be kept in the tank. A man has been kept here, but apparently made little effort to locate the trouble. The contractor was finally notified that something must be done at once; and Saturday the work of examining the joints began. Nearly every joint is found to be leaking a little, and some of them are leaking badly. It is thought that there will be no more trouble with leakage after the mains have been gone over this time.

A test well is being sunk at the north side of the large well. It is the plan to sink it to the rock, make openings in the wall of the well and see how much the amount of available water will be increased. If it is increased appreciably, an excavation will be made entirely around the well, going down to the rock; this space will be filled with stone to act as a filter, and openings will be made in the wall of the well.

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