Big celebrations require big plans and even bigger effort on the part of the planners.  The June 16, 1899 Skidmore Standard reported that the committee was up to the task, and plans were taking shape:

Skidmore is very fortunate this year in securing three such able orators for the Fourth when other towns, including Maryville, have only secured one.

The boys can’t wait and are celebrating with their fire crackers, already.

B. Raleigh Martin, the talented young prosecuting attorney, promised us last year that he would give us a Fourth of July speech this year, and was kind enough to remember his promise when committees from numerous other towns began petitioning him to talk for them.  His powers as an orator have placed him among the foremost men of the state and he will give us something good the Fourth.

Hon. J. West Goodwin, editor of the Sedalia Bazoo, is a stranger to the people in this section but after you have seen him and heard him speak, the Fourth, you will always know him.  He is very entertaining.

Dr. Steel is a very humerous lecturer and talks so entertainingly that his listeners are always sorry when he concludes his talk.  He will speak on the day of the Fourth and also by special arrangement, deliver two lectures while here, probably the night of the fifth and sixth.  Only twenty-five and thirty-five cents admission will be charged to hear the lectures, which will make it the cheapest literary treat we have ever had.

The positive news continued in the June 23 edition:
John W. Cook deserves a good word for his kindness in permitting those who will sing the Fourth, to practice in his opera house and use his piano.

In order to raise enough money to pay for Fourth of July attractions at Skidmore, the stand right had to be sold for $60.  There was only one bid of $15 made and in order to have the attractions that had been arranged for I bid off the exclusive right for stands for $60.  Now I do not care for them and will sell for what they cost if taken by 5 o’clock p.m., June 24.  But if I have ‘raffled off the White Elephant’ it will be on exhibition alright the Fourth.  Jas. Skidmore.

The large 4th of July posters arrived last evening and are now displayed in the windows of the business houses.  Some of these bills will be sent to the neighboring towns and posted up so that all may have an opportunity of learning what we will have on that day. Everything will be just as it is advertised.

Skidmore will have the best speakers on the Fourth of any place in northwest Missouri.  Come and we will show you.

We understand that there will be six deputies to assist the marshal in keeping order in town the Fourth.

It Was Determined To have a better celebration in Skidmore this year, the last of the 19th Century, than in any other town or city in Northwest Missouri.  The committees have never ceased in their labors to accomplish this result and the Standard takes pleasure in announcing that a larger and better program than this one Skidmore now has, was never prepared in the town. Come, bring the children and the neighbors and help us enjoy it.
From the June 23, 1899 Skidmore Standard

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