Democrats and Women

Democrats and women – they’ll get you every time.  (Or so said Mr. J. W. Hutchison to his friends in Skidmore.  We try not to get into such heavy discussions, but we thought you might enjoy this one.)

From the January 4, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

J. W. Hutchison has been sick since he came home from Arkansas — in fact he was ill before he left that state — and it was not until this week that he felt able to loaf around town much.  Last Wednesday afternoon he “met up” with some of his old “cronies,” viz: A. B. Kingery, “Uncle” William Berry and Fount Stults, around the fire in Tom Howden’s store and told them about his trip and some of the things he saw and heard in the Bear State.  He started his reminiscences by stating that Arkansas went Democratic at the last election, and that there is not a Republican left in the state, that he knew of.  There were two there, he says, while he was there but the other fellow hung himself and now the state is hopelessly Democratic.  He saw one old gentleman who asserted that he would have voted for McKinley but he didn’t have any use for a man who always let his woman stick her nose in his business, and that’s what that old Hanna(h) McKinley is always doin’.  Mr. Hutchison said that even his son, Ira, had turned over and become a Baptist, because that’s what his wife is.

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