Delayed Understanding

Ah, for the days when such stories were still possible.  From the Skidmore Standard, May 4, 1900, page 4:

A Paris Girl

This happened at a Paris, Mo., social function, recently according to the Mercury:

Refreshments had been passed around and a young man, holding his coffee with one hand and eating with the other, was making a desperate struggle to combine his knees and the chair rounds into a safe resting place for his napkin and plate.  Finally giving up in despair and turning to his young lady dinner partner, he said, “Girls have the advantage over us in a hand out.  A man’s lap is the poorest excuse on earth.  Nothing will sit on it.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she answered.  “I had always heard that they were delightful.”  On his way home two hours later he grasped her meaning and turning to a masculine friend insisted that the latter kick him for a block or two.

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