Dangerous Train Ride

We think the gentlemen should have known better, but we must admit that it makes for a good story.  The real lesson learned that day may not have been “don’t ride atop boxcars,” but instead, “don’t tell the mayor if you do.”  From the October 18, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

A Dangerous Ride.

Last Monday night as the south bound freight thundered along between Maitland and Mound City one could have seen, had it been daylight, three men seated on top of a box car, two of them taking things in a normal way but the third party was holding on for dear life. The trio were Mr. Decker, W. F. Wade and Dr. Hutt.

Between Maitland and Mound City there is a very steep grade, and as the train was heavily loaded it was necessary to cut it in two in order to get over the grade.  The gentlemen wanted to catch the “Flyer” at Bigelow and in order to do this they were compelled to ride on top of a box car on the first section of the train, and as this was Dr. Hutt’s first experience on top of a box car going 40 miles per hour, it was a very exciting experience for him and a laughable sight to his companions.  The Doctor took a straddling position on the running boards of the car with a firm grip on each side.  The air was chilly and he dared not let loose to button his overcoat consequently he was chilled through when they reached Mound City.  At this city he decided he had enough of box cars and hired a liveryman to take he and his companions on to Bigelow.

If it were not for good backing we would have some hesitancy in publishing the above, but as Henry Barrett and Mayor Montgomery are responsible for the story and will both swear to it, we feel pretty safe.

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