Craig Post Office Robbed Again, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), September 29, 1921, page 1:

Craig Post Office Robbed.

“The Craig post office was robbed sometime last Friday morning, September 9,” says the Craig Leader of September 16. “Entrance was gained through the front door. A hole was cut in the back door screen but the back door is securely fastened and bolted. An old style blacksmith hammer was found beside the safe. The knob on the safe was knocked off and the safe opened. It was not announced what the loss would be but an inspector has been on the job the past two days and some disclosures may be made in the near future.”

The Holt County Sentinel of last week gives the following record of post office robberies at Craig:
The first robbery of the Craig office took place November 8, 1875, while H. S. Hogue was the postmaster. Only a small amount of loot was secured, which consisted of a small amount of stamps and $6.00 in money.

While L. L. Teare was postmaster, the cracksman visited the postoffice, without any formal invitation, on the night of March 16, 1894, and secured $300. Homer Reed was found to be the thief, and in October, 1895, he was given two years in the penitentiary for the crime.
On January 7, 1906, while Phil Thompson was the postmaster, the office was robbed of $246.
On January 16, 1908, while Mr. Thompson was in charge of the office, a man representing himself as a post office inspector, giving the name of Orland, confidenced the postmaster out of the postoffice funds, amounting to $660. A party named A. J. Moore was arrested for the offense, but proving a complete alibi, he was acquitted.

On Sunday, October 15, 1916, W. H. Hambaugh, Postmaster, the office safe was blown, and the loot amounted to $508 in stamps, $6.00 in pennies, and a small amount of cash from the Sunday postal sales.

Friday night, September 9, 1921, Postmaster W. H. Hambaugh found the postoffice had been robbed. The amount had not been given out.

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