Cottril 30th Wedding Anniversary

Happy news from the September 14, 1900 edition of the Skidmore Standard:

Wedding Anniversary.

On Friday, September 7, about one hundred of the friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Cottril assembled at their splendid home, northwest of Skidmore.  The event being their thirtieth wedding anniversary.  The surprise on Mrs. Cottril was planned by her husband and daughter, Mrs. Mattie Taylor, assisted by Charlie Cottril and Mrs. W. M. Howden.

According to previously made arrangements the neighbors began to assemble about ten o’clock at A. F. Howden’s on the south and Wm. Hitchcock’s on the north.  And at eleven o’clock the two processions moved gracefully and “stormed the castle.”  When the procession was first seen by Mrs. Cottril she remarked to some one in the home that there was a funeral procession coming.  But before they reached the house the truth dawned upon her.  So carefully was the affair managed that she was completely surprised.

Her surprise over, she at once set about making everyone feel at home and happy.  Then began the preparation for dinner, from the well filled baskets brought by the neighbors. A table was hastily improvised in the yard of boards at which about forty persons could be comfortably seated at a time, and soon was filled with all the good things a hungry crowd could wish, and just such as the good wives and mothers of Skidmore and vicinity know so well how to prepare.

After dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Cottril were seated in chairs and in a few words by W. M. Howden expressing the high esteem in which they were held by their friends and neighbors, were presented with the following presents:

Set China dishes, rocking chair, rug, glass pitcher, water set, glass fruit dish, set silver table spoons, table cloth, towels and comb, and to which and for which Mr. and Mrs. Cottril responded expressing their thanks and appreciation.  By this time the photographer had arrived upon the scene and after getting every body looking their best, “he took us.”

The crowd then dispersed after having been highly entertained by some very rare music by Mrs. H. W. Montgomery and Mrs. J. H. Grigsby, wishing Mr. and Mrs. Cottril many happy returns of their anniversary and feeling that the day had been most happily and profitably spent.

— One Present.

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