Cottier, Wyoming has Missouri Roots

From the July 27, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, MO), page 1:

Town Named Cottier.

From a recent copy of the Yoder (Wyo.) News we take the following item:
“Joe M. Snively, right of way agent of the Union Pacific, was here Saturday and the News acknowledges a pleasant call.

“Mr. Snively came to see Robert Cottier, Jr., and inform him the new name of the town at the end of the Cherry Creek spur is now Cottier.

“Accordingly Mr. Cottier is changing the name on his town plat and will proceed with the lot sale at once.

“The Cherry Creek Lumber Company has opened a hardware and furniture store and several new enterprises are contemplated immediately.

“Mr. Cottier states an abundance of good water was obtained in a well at forty-two feet depth.”

Robert Cottier, Jr., referred to in the above item is a son of Robert Cottier of Bethany, Nebr., formerly of this community, and the family is well known here. — Mound City News-Jeffersonian.

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