Copper-Clad Malleable Range, 1915

Remodeling the kitchen this winter? Why not add the Copper-Clad Malleable Range, for sale by Manchester & Dodds, to your design plans? From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), February 11, 1915, page 4:

Ad for the Copper-Clad Malleable Range. Text of ad follows.
Skidmore New Era, Feb. 11, 1915, p. 4

Advertisement reads, “The Copper-Clad Malleable Range. We have long known that a good steel range was the most economical stove in fuel consumption, but they have generally proven unsatisfactory, owing to the short life of the steel metal body and interior, due to rust, caused from soot and condensation. The asbestos collects dampness when the range cools and in a few years the sheet iron or steel rusts through from the inside and the range is gone. Recognizing that except for this weakness a Malleable constructed range would last a lifetime, there has been perfected and Patented a rust proof copper lining, which is used in all Copper-Clad Malleable Ranges, which renders the sheet metal parts absolutely impervious to rust; thereby giving these parts lasting qualities consistent with the everlasting qualities of Malleable iron. This achievement is beyond question the greatest advance step ever made in range building. This great feature, linked with incomparable beauty and symmetry of design places the Copper-Clad at the head of the list of all the high-grade ranges. Copper-Clad. A Copper-Clad Malleable Range will really last a lifetime! Manchester & Dodds.”

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