Comings and Goings, September 1921

Here are a few updates from the September 15, 1921 Skidmore News, page 1:

Miss Lenola Mitchell went to St. Joseph last Thursday to take up her school work. Mrs. R. A. Stevenson accompanied her, returning home the same day. Miss Mitchell is teaching in the Lafayette school there.

Mrs. Hugh Wilson returned last Thursday from a visit with her brother, Rev. Buel E. Horn, of Gary, Indiana, and her aunt, Mrs. R. B. Kenney of Altona, Ill. Mrs. Kenney returned with her for a visit here.

Dr. Louie Skidmore of Lincoln, Neb., came Saturday and visited until Monday with his foster-mother, Mrs. R. A. Skidmore. Dr. Skidmore is teaching in the Nebraska State University at Lincoln. He had not been in Skidmore for ten years.

Rev. C. H. Sauceman and Rev. C. E. Olson left Tuesday afternoon for Brookfield, Mo., where they are attending the annual conference of the M. E. Church.

The high school boys started practicing basket ball yesterday. A team will be organized soon, and games scheduled with the other high schools of this section.

Mrs. M. P. Horn and her sister, Mrs. R. B. Kennedy of Altona, Ill., went to Maitland Tuesday afternoon. They will visit there and at Graham for several days.

Mrs. W. A. Mast and two daughters, Lucile and Blanch, left yesterday afternoon for their home at Valley Falls, Kan., after visiting several days with relatives here.

Mrs. Clayton Appleman left Monday for Warrensburg, Mo., to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Geer, both of whom are very sick.

Everett Bailey left Tuesday morning for his home in Kansas after a week’s visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Hays.

Adrain Hoblitzell left Tuesday morning for Mexico, Mo., where he is attending Missouri Military Academy.

Mrs. Archie Barrett and little son, Corwin Miller, left Saturday for a visit with relatives at Hamilton, Mo.

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