Collins Twins born, July 5, 1907

From the July 11, 1907 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 8:

Wm. Collins thinks he is the richest man in Missouri, in fact the whole Collins household is rejoicing because of two little girls that made their appearance July 5th. With the coming of these twins there is quite a history, they being the first babies in the Collins family since William made his appearance 23 years ago. On the mother’s side there are five generations; mother, father, grandmother and great-grandmother and grandfather, and great-great grandparents, then there are four generations twice; Mrs. Collins, her mother and mother’s father on Mrs. Collins’ side. There is Mr. Collins, his mother and his grandmother. As soon as the babes are old enough they will have all their generations photographed, something that will be quite an unusual thing. We often hear of four generations, but few have five generations and twice four as these babes have. They will be named one for grandma Smith, the other for grandma Collins. william said he intended to wear his shoes the rest of this summer because of their arrival.

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