College Tuition, 1899

From the September 1, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Free Tuition Next Session at the State University

Except in the junior and senior years of law and the last two years of medicine, tuition in all departments of the State University, on and after September 1, 1899, will be free.  The only charge will be a library fee of $5 and small laboratory deposit to cover the costs of materials actually used by the student.  For the junior and senior years of law and the last two years of medicine the fee will be $5.00 a year.

Now this means that throughout the College course of four years, in the range of Post graduate instruction, in the Normal department, in the college of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, in Shop work and in Drawing, in the course of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Architecture, as well as in the first two years of Medicine, tuition will be absolutely free, the only charge being the library fee and the laboratory deposits mentioned above.  If the student takes no laboratory work he makes no laboratory deposit.

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